With Dominion Markets COPY TRADING platform, you can effortlessly spot, track, and replicate successful traders. Say goodbye to the complexities of devising your own trading strategies or navigating through extensive forex market research.

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COPY TRADING is a method where individuals can mimic the trades of experienced investors, allowing them to replicate their strategies and actions automatically.

It works by linking your account to that of a chosen trader. Once connected, your account will mirror the trades made by the selected trader in real-time.

Yes, COPY TRADING can be suitable for beginners as it allows them to learn from experienced traders without needing extensive market knowledge.

Risks include the possibility of losses due to market fluctuations, as well as the performance variability of the traders being copied.

You can assess traders based on their performance history, risk levels, trading strategies, and reviews before selecting whom to copy.

Yes, Dominion Markets allows you to set stop-loss limits or define the amount you're willing to invest, providing a level of risk control.